The Improviser
The Improviser , 2005 , WOOD BLOCK PRINT, 12 x 15
by Steve Chappell

Improvised jazz music. It can fill a space with liquid sound; free of predefined structure. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps the music is always there, lingering all around us; but only apparent to the human ear when talented musicians unlock it with their instruments. How does one render improvised music in a picture? This print is one attempt at doing this.

An edition of 15. There are 5 artistís proofs that very in the way that the colors went down.The colors used were black, orange, yellow, maroon, brown, gray, and ultramarine blue. Three blocks were used to make this print. The colors were printed from 1/4 inch birch plywood and the key image was carved into a piece of maple laminate. The paper is Frankfurt White, a mouldmade paper imported from Germany.
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Steve Chappell, Artist