LEFTOVERS Art Paul Schlosser's 28th CD

ART PAUL SCHLOSSER'S new 2008 cd -his 28th!

I think Madisonians will find interest in this cd's many rare and unique qualities. First of all, it is the product of two Madison artists who have never worked together previously and have created a work of art that is both visual and musical. We worked on our individual parts separately without knowing what the other was doing. Art had already arranged the tracks before he invited me to create the album art. He gave me complete artistic freedom to do whatever I wanted on the cover. The title I was told would be "LEFTOVERS", and the content would be a collection of tracks that for one reason or another were not included on Art's previous 27 albums. (!) I came up with the refrigerator concept, Art came up with the songs and the title. The two of us did not actually meet to discuss the project in person until I had assembled the first mock-up. I did not hear any of the tracks until the first galley proofs had been printed at Sooper Dooper, a local cd production company. So, this collaboration maintained a certain level of experimentation throughout the project. We are both VERY pleased with the results. I would even go so far as to say that it may be one of Art Paul Schlosser's finest recordings yet, in my opinion. It is a very solid and individual representation of this long-standing Madison musician. Literally long standing -on State Street! (Often along side State Street Brats.)

LEFTOVERS is the first music cd produced by ROLLING TIRE PRODUCTIONS.
To sample a few of the songs follow this link: www.cdbaby.com/cd/artpaul28

Some other unique and trivia-worthy facts:

-It is a limited pre-signed edition of 60 copies. Both artists took time to sign the cover liner notes before the final packaging took place at Sooper Dooper.
-The downloadable version has a few subtle differences than the limited edition 60 version. One difference being that track one has a similar title, but is not the same song.
-The liner notes are also different between the versions.
-Of the 60 limited edition, 50 copies show a metallic colored frosting on the glazed donut (on the disk art), 10 unique copies show the glazing as white. The disk art was intended to have white glazing but due to a communication glitch during the manufacturing process 50 turned out metallic. The metallic looks fine.

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LEFTOVERS (cover art)
LEFTOVERS (cover art)
LEFTOVERS (open package)
LEFTOVERS (open package)
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